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AMPSCZ Collaboration Space Tutorials

Key Investigators

Presenter location: In-person

Project Description

The AMPSCZ project allows consortium researchers to access an AWS workspaces virtual desktop with direct access to the AMPCZ data lake hosted at the NIMH data archive (NDA). This project will consist of generating R and Python notebooks to illustrate how to access and analyze datasets using this collaboration space.


  1. Objective A. Build python and R notebooks showing how to access and interact with AMPSCZ data

Approach and Plan

  1. Build Python and R notebooks to access the data lake
  2. Build cross-instrument data analyses of tabular data
  3. Build example of loading and inspecting raw non-tabular data (e.g., MRI data with Slicer).

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Installed RStudio and all associated packages on AWS Linux.
  2. Installed Python and associated packages on AWS Linux.
  3. Installed Slicer on AWS Linux.
  4. Some issues with MesaGl version on AWS Linux prevented us from getting SlicerJupyter to work.
  5. Ran out of time installing FSL.


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Background and References

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