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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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3D Slicer Internationalization

Key Investigators

Presenter location: Online

Project Description

The goal of the project is to facilitate access to 3D Slicer in non-English speaking countries and foster global community engagement.


To identify members of the global Slicer community interested in new Slicer activities in their language

To create a list containing the top 10 Slicer modules to translate for new Slicer Internationalization contributors

To create a new module translation lookup table for the Language Packs Extension tutorial

Approach and Plan

Slice Internationalization Breakout session:

Zoom link for Slicer Internationalization Breakout session: https://etsmtl.zoom.us/j/86060017076?pwd=NmVkb2ovckh6Y3ZjQzZxSUtXU09tZz09#success

Daily Slicer internationalization sessions with members of the Slicer community

Zoom link for all Slicer Internationalization sessions: https://etsmtl.zoom.us/j/86060017076?pwd=NmVkb2ovckh6Y3ZjQzZxSUtXU09tZz09#success

Progress and Next Steps


Project meetings




Background and References

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