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3D Slicer for Latin America

Key Investigators

Presenter location: Online

Project Description

The goal of this project is to empower the biomedical research community in Latin America by localizing 3D Slicer to Spanish and Portuguese and improving tutorial localization infrastructure.


  1. To identify members of the Latin American community interested in 3D Slicer activities in Spanish and in Portuguese
  2. To run daily translation hackathons at PW39
  3. To translate the Slicer Language Packs tutorial to Spanish and Portuguese

Approach and Plan

Slice Internationalization Breakout session:

Zoom link for Slicer Internationalization Breakout session: https://etsmtl.zoom.us/j/86060017076?pwd=NmVkb2ovckh6Y3ZjQzZxSUtXU09tZz09#success

Daily Slicer internationalization sessions with members of the Slicer community

Zoom link for daily Slicer Internationalization sessions: https://etsmtl.zoom.us/j/86060017076?pwd=NmVkb2ovckh6Y3ZjQzZxSUtXU09tZz09#success

Progress and Next Steps

The “how to use” web page of Slicer Language Packs extension has been translated to Latin american Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese

Español Latinoamericano

Português Brasileiro


example_es example_pr

Background and References

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