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Key Investigators

Project Description

Given two groups of shapes, represented as binary volumes, the Poisson shape analysis algorithm extracts the region of statistically difference on the shape.


  1. Objective A. Add the Poisson shape analysis module as an extension to Slicer.

20220701 What’s been done in the week

  1. Study the qSlicerCLIModuleUIHelper class to see how to select multiple files.

Approach and Plan

  1. Make the ctkPathLineEdit able to select multiple file names.

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Currently the CLI can run from the command line and read multiple files. But from Slicer GUI, since the ctkPathLineEdit can only open a single file, it can’t read multiple shape files for analysis.


Background and References


Gao Y, Bouix S. Statistical Shape Analysis using 3D Poisson Equation—A Quantitatively Validated Approach. Medical Image Analysis. 2016 Jan 15.