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Slicer 5++ : Roadmap forward for 3D Slicer

Key Investigators

Project Description

During this project week, we would like to discuss a broad roadmap for major features and changes to Slicer between now and Slicer 6


  1. Develop that starting point of the Slicer 6 roadmap

Approach and Plan

  1. Discussion!
    • Had breakout session Wed @ 2pm
  2. Should Qt6 = Slicer 6?

Working Roadmap

  1. Long term (Slicer 6 to be released in ~3 years)
    1. Modularization (“pip install slicer”)
      • Heavily dependent on improved VTK remote module support
      • Exampe of current progress with VTK remote modules can be found in SlicerLookingGlass
      • This modularization will support 3D Slicer cloud projects as well as simplifying the build system
    2. Distributing a Slicer SDK
      • Allowing development on C++ modules without building all of Slicer
      • We have been working on making VTK SDKs available
    3. Ability to update an installed Slicer version
    4. Laying the groundwork for hybrid desktop / web Slicer applications
  2. Short term (Slicer minor releases in the next year)
    1. Using oriented image data support already available in VTK
    2. Extension auto updates (already available for preview)
    3. Expanding language support
    4. Improved volume display mechanism
      • Volume behavior is inconsistent for show/hide compared to other data
    5. Qt 6 transition
      • Qt 6 support already in VTK upstream
      • ALso look at Pyside6 transition
    6. Investigate using libraries (openslide, etc) to support smooth viewing of larger images

Next steps

  1. Transition this roadmap to Slicer GitHub wiki
  2. Begin hacking!

Background and References