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US-CT Vertebra Registration

Key Investigators

Project Description

This project aims at evaluating the feasibility of percutaneous US to CT image registration, on a porcine dataset, for minimally invasive spine surgery. The goal is to combine the registration method for open surgery implemented in IBIS with the segmentation/bone enhancement method in AIGT.


  1. Read/Write US data acquired with IBIS into Slicer.
  2. Segment the vertebral surface of US data obtained from porcine cadavers
  3. Register segmented images with CT images

Approach and Plan

  1. Convert the data from IBIS acquisitions to ultrasound sequences
  2. Generate ground truth segmentation from CT images
  3. Use AIGT to train model for axial image segmentation - Video tutorial
  4. Use segmented data with IBIS registration and evaluate registration

Progress and Next Steps


Data processing workflow:


Generate aligned CT-US data:

US-CT Data

Segmentation with pre-trained model:


Background and References