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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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NousNav: Low-cost neuronavigation system

Key Investigators

Project Description

The NousNav project is an initiative led by Dr Alex Golby to develop a low-cost neuronavigation system designed for use in low- and middle-income countries. We are developing a 3D Slicer based application focused on supporting segmentation, registration and navigation tasks.

The project will also include the development of open source hardware desgins for these applications.


During the project week, we aim to present the project and identify a specific neuronavigation task for which we can team up with anoher group and address.

  1. Put together system demo.
  2. Connect with other developers and researchers who are interested in contributing to the project

Approach and Plan

  1. Complete registration implementation
  2. Demo / discuss the software at the IGT brakout

Progress and Next Steps

  1. :heavy_check_mark: Improved application based on testing of Planning/Registration/Navigation workflow
    1. Integrated UI for placing fiducials during planning. See PR #98
    2. Fix minimum threshold value in skin segmentation. See PR #99
    3. Created demo-version branch with tweaks and improvements
      1. Update Motive profile
      2. Setup registration verification page
      3. Add intial layout for navigation section
  2. :heavy_check_mark: Recorded and edited a ~2-min video showcasing the complete Planning, Registration and Navigation workflow. See video
Click on the image below to see the video


Landmark selection interface Segmentation interface Trajectory planning

Background and References