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Key Investigators

Project Description

Deep Brain Stimulation

During deep brain stimulation surgery, (depending on the center) micro electrodes are used to reassess the planned trajectory of implantation. The idea of the project is to communicate with the micro electrode’s controler in order to get their location and signals. Together with the planning information, these can then be visualised in patient space, including different image modalities, atlases and electrophysiology features.

Test Stimulations

Micro electrodes are also used to do test stimulations at increasing steps to induce therapeutic and side effects to better inform final electrode placement.

Registration Refinement

In order to achieve higher accuracy of the atlases registration to patient space, we rely on antsRegistration and we are also working on a module to manually fix for mismatches in the registration output.


  1. Objective A. …
  2. Objective B. …
  3. Objective C. …

Approach and Plan

  1. Describe specific steps of what you plan to do to achieve the above described objectives.

Progress and Next Steps

  1. SlicerNetstim extension added to ExtensionIndex.
  2. Preview video of how WarpDrive module works.
  3. Recognized usability and performance improvements to implement.


Background and References