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NA-MIC Project Weeks

Slicer in Cloud environments

Key Investigators

Project Description

This project is aimed to provide an updated overview of existing techniques of using 3D Slicer over an internet connection.


During this project week we would like to:

  1. Categorize existing data regarding using slicer over the internet
  2. Test and create/link a set of easy-to-use manuals/tutorials/boilerplates that explain basic setup options and use cases

Approach and Plan

  1. Collect, categorize and analyse forum posts that ask about using Slicer remotely.
  2. Review existing techniques (Docker, Cloud VM, Slicer Notebooks, Browser-based web app, Headless usage).
  3. Create a set of example manuals/tutorials/boilerplates that show basic setup options for some of the existing techniques.
  4. Submit manuals for review and agree about featuring them in some place visible to relevant people.

Progress and Next Steps

After running a simple scrapper through the forum and collecting all articles that mention keywords such as “web”, “cloud”, “internet” and “remote” a list of 170 articles was filtered based on the criteria of being related to some sort of remote usage of Slicer and not simply mentioning “the cloud” in some context.

The chosen 170 articles were filtered based on relevance to cloud or other remote web-based environments. The resulting 63 forum posts were scanned for external links and their click count.

After analyzing the content and grouping the links tha data leads us to the 4 main approaches:

To test different approaches a repository with docker-compose configuration files was created. It links to the projects mentioned above and makes launching sample containers as simple as running a single docker-compose up command.

SlicerCompose repository


Slicer Dockers

Slicer Web

Slicer Jupyter

Background and References