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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Virtual reality interactions

Key Investigators

Project Description

The goal of the project is to make progress towards having an in-VR interaction widget that the user can use to drive Slicer features. A home widget gives access to typical VR settings, and provides access to modules (VR’ized version of much used modules from Slicer). The user uses the controller as a laser pointer, which acts as a mouse on the Qt widget shown on the VTK actor that appears in the VR scene. See full description here.


  1. Finish markups event handling in VR
  2. Make progress with vtkQWidgetWidget integration in Slicer
    1. vtkQWidgetWidget works with Slicer’s new VTK widget event handling method
    2. The widget can show the VR home widget in VR
  3. Discuss Nayra’s plan with her anthropology VR project

Approach and Plan

  1. Implement per-device event handling in markups event handling mechanism
  2. vtkQWidgetWidget integration
    1. Add vtkQWidgetWidget support in Slicer using the new VTK widget event handling method
    2. Bind controller menu button to show the home widget in front of the user
    3. If the new laser pointer is ready by then, then start implementing Qt event translation
  3. Talk to Nayra

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Per-device event handling in markups event handling mechanism done
  2. VR widget
    1. Clement added working laser pointer in SlicerVR
    2. Csaba looked into vtkQWidgetWidget
  3. Discussed anthropology VR project needs with Nayra:
    • Main need is more realistic volume rendering of the mummies (OSPray integration into Slicer)


VR laser display

VR home widget prototype

Background and References