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SlicerCIP migration

SlicerCIP migration to Slicer 4.10 / Slicer 5.0?

Key Investigators

Project Description

Migrate the SlicerCIP extension to the last Slicer stable release, and “pave the way” towards Slicer 5.


  1. SlicerCIP 4.10 migration. Extension fully operative.
  2. SlicerCIP 5 migration. Build the extension and (at the very least) check for potential issues.

Approach and Plan

  1. Update the required libraries in CIP library (towards Slicer 4.10)
  2. Update SlicerCIP extension
  3. Experiment with Slicer 5 components

Progress and Next Steps

  1. SlicerCIP is now available in the Slicer 4.10 Release.
  2. Pre-packaged SlicerCIP is also available in chestimagingplatform.org


Chest Imaging Platform website

Background and References