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OpenJPEG-JS cross-compilation

Key Investigators


OpenJPEG is used in cornerstoneWADOImageLoader for loading JPEG2000 images. The current version of cross-compiled OpenJPEG in the cornerstone organization is quite out-dated, does not have good documentation, and does not actually build without modifications.


Cross-compile OpenJPEG to JavaScript for the browser.

Approach and Plan

I wasn’t planning on doing this, but it somehow happened. I ended up starting the cross-compilation from scratch with the latest OpenJPEG sources.

Progress and Next Steps

Before Project Week:

This project didn’t exist before this Project Week.

At Project Week:

OpenJPEG was finally cross-compiled! You can find the repo here: https://github.com/floryst/openjpeg-js

Next Steps

Actually test the cross-compiled library in OHIF. cornerstoneWADOImageLoader tests pass, so that’s a start.


There aren’t any screenshots for cross-compiled code.

Background and References