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Connect SPINE and XNAT

Key Investigators

Project Description

The SPINE virtual laboratory allows the actors involved int the research enterprise to work around Scientific Questions. Data can be directly imported into SPINE but it can also be imported from other data management systems. So far SPINE has the capability to import data stored in LORIS (A longitudinal study data management tool). In this project week we would like to connect SPINE to XNAT.


Connect SPINE with XNAT.

  1. Objective A. Understand the API and data structured exposed by XNAT
  2. Objective B. Define configuration parameters to be used when connecting/replicating data from XNAT to SPINE

Approach and Plan

  1. Understand the API and data structured exposed by XNAT in order to get access and extract data
  2. Test the API exposed by XNAT in a real scenario
  3. Implement a replication protocol to import data from XNAT

Progress and Next Steps


  1. Set up testing XNAT and SPINE instances
  2. Created connection between SPINE and XNAT (authentication)
  3. Created conceptual mapping (schema mapping) between XNAT and SPINE main concepts
  4. Started implementation to transfer metadata from XNAT to SPINE

Next Steps

  1. Finish the transference of metadata
  2. Test in a real scenario



Background and References