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NA-MIC Project Weeks

How to create a new project

  1. Discuss your project idea and who would be interested in joining the project at the project week preparation teleconferences or on Project Week forum.
  2. Create a new project page based on the project description template
    • Open project description template and copy the full content of the page to the clipboard
    • Go to Projects folder on GitHub
    • Click on “Create new file” button
    • Type YourProjectName/README.md (YourProjectName is a shortened name of your project, without spaces)
    • Paste the previously copied content of project template page into your new README.md
    • Update at least your project’s title, key investigators, project description sections
    • Click “Commit new file” button at the near the bottom of the page. Accept to fork the repository or create a pull request, if asked (it means that your github account has not given direct write access to the repository yet; you will get write access once your pull request has been reviewed).
  3. Add a link to your project to the project list
    • Open main project list
    • Scroll down to the project list section and add a line like this to one of the project groups:
- [Full title of your project](Projects/YourProjectName/README.md) (your name, followed by name of other contributors)

If you have any questions or need help with creating your project, write it as a “New Topic” on Project Week forum.