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Slicer Infrastructure Brainstorming


Breakout Description

As we continue to work on Slicer version 5, there is an opportunity to make somewhat major changes and to add features to address new use cases and user communities.


  1. Rendering of large volumes
    • Goals:
    • data too big for GPU memory
    • data too big for CPU memory
    • better rendering
      • multiple volumes
      • nonlinear transforms
      • photorealistic effects * Possible solutions:
    • paging data to GPU
    • virtual memory
    • remote rendering / clusters
  2. Generating animations
    • Goals:
    • illustrate complex volume data by changing camera, cropping, transfer functions
    • visualize processes (time series, procedure plans, etc) * Approaches:
    • generalize sequences with interpolation
    • create ‘canned’ scripts like rock and rotate modes
    • create keyframe animation system and GUI
  3. Other topics as they come up

Background and References

Results of Discussion

Volume Rendering