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MRI Needle Placement Procedure

Key Investigators

Project Description

MRI guided devices have been designed for biopsies or other interventions. The aim is to adapt Slicer for MR-guided needle placement procedures using MRI compatible robots.


We are planning to collect information about best practices to use different toolboxes or modules at Slicer.

  1. Understand how SliceTracker, SlicerIGT, OpenIGTLink, SlicerDevelopementToolbox works
  2. Make Implementation decisions based on these

Approach and Plan

  1. Meet with developers with relevant experience
  2. Collect list of potential issues and solutions, best practices, and pointers to reusable code.

Progress and Next Steps




Prototype of the robot image1

Body mounted robot - stydy for respiratory motion study image1

GUI for MR-needle guidance image1

Create MRI Robots extension image1

Robot Controller Modules


Registration module image1

MR Robot Module image1


Development of a shoulder-mounted robot for MRI-guided needle placement


Background and References