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DICOM management platforms

Key Investigators

Project Description

Evaluate existing/emerging platforms for managing DICOM data.


We need a platform to support management of the DICOM data within a lab. Required features include:

Approach and Plan

Install and test the following solutions:

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Discussed the capabilities and planned release timeline of the platform being developed at DKFZ (Marco and Jonas). Looking forward to try it!
  2. Installed XNAT with the OHIF plugin (very easy and “just works”!):
  3. Did not get to try an improved version of the CCC infrastructure (OHIF + dcm4chee + keyckloak) - Jonas is working on it.
  4. Did not get to Girder …


XNAT with OHIF Viewer

Interpolation for contours in XNAT (Soon to be packaged as freely available Cornerstone/OHIF plugins)

RTSTRUCT fetch/view in XNAT

Background and References