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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Key Investigators

Project Description

This extension contains a collection of tools for aiding in patient-specific mitral valve modelling. Currently consists of components for registering bi-plane colour ultrasound into 3D, and interactive-automatically segmenting the mitral valve from 3D TEE data.


  1. Add Segmentation node support for mold generation.
  2. Integrate custom mold base plate to generated leaflet mold from segmentation.

Approach and Plan

  1. Replace exporting of molds to Model nodes with exporting to Segmentation nodes
  2. Fix subtracting projected annulus from leaflet mold
  3. Align loaded STL base plate model with extracted mold
  4. Fill empty spaces between extracted mold and loaded base plate


  1. Working prototype of segmentation and registration modules already developed.
  2. Completed segmentation node support.
  3. Added alignment of loaded base plate model.
  4. Added base plate filling to close bottom of mold.

Next Steps

  1. Need to make filling around base plate more robust.
  2. Missing vertical fill when base is placed too low.
  3. Need to rotate base plate model to match valve annulus normal after alignment with annulus.


Mitral Valve Segmenter Module screenshot

Mitral Valve Segmenter Mold

BiPlaneRegistration Module screenshot

Background and References