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Fetal Brain Segmentation and Volumization

Key Investigators

Project Description

This will be a tool to segment the fetal brain from the a fetal MRI. Afterwards the fetal brain will be compiled into a brain volume for later comparisons.


  1. Take any fetal MRI image
  2. Semiautomatically segment the fetal brain
  3. Semiautomatically produce a brain volume for the segmented brain

Approach and Plan

  1. Take fetal MRI images.
  2. Segment the brain.
  3. Create a model from the segmentation.
  4. Compute the volume of the brain.

Progress and Next Steps


After some search we found no automatic modules or extensions that work for fetal MRIs. As such we have experimented with ways to manually segment and get a volume. We had some success with segment editor’s semiautomatic segmentation, just a lot of corrections were required.

Next Steps

Implement program as a module in 3D Slicer.


Segmented Baby Brain

Background and References