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Performance test for deformable transforms

Key Investigators

Project Description

We have noticed in one application that registration using deformable transforms (vtkThinPlateSplineTransform) is significantly slower in Slicer 4.9 than in Slicer 4.8. This may cause FPS problems in IGT applications with real time tracking.


  1. Run real time updates (10 FPS) with deformable transforms and large models in the 3D view.

Approach and Plan

  1. Provide a script (Jupyter NB?) for reproducing the problem
  2. Isolate what is responsible for performance issues
  3. Fix the issue if possible

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Created a short test that runs from an empty scene and outputs profiling information
  2. Found out that the total time Slicer is irresponsive is the same, but rendering output is faster on 4.8


Output of the performance test, a deformed sphere

Background and References