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SlicerCIP Quantitative Reports Tool

Key Investigators

Project Description

The goal of this project is to create a new tool for SlicerCIP that allows the creation of a PDF report to summarize and illustrate quantitive analysis.

SlicerCIP is an extension to Slicer that integrates:

Slicer CIP has been conceived as a workstation for radiologists, but is also suitable for any kind of researchers working on lung, heart or vascular diseases.


  1. Extend and generalize last year report tool to be used in all SlicerCIP modules.

Approach and Plan

  1. Implement a general HTML template for quantitative analysis report
  2. Implement a new module that fills the HTML with images and data
  3. Add in each SlicerCIP moule a link to the quantitative analysis report

Progress and Next Steps

  1. General HTML template generated
  2. Each SlicerCIP module have now a link to create a personalized quantitative analysis report


Report Example 1

Background and References