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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Stereotactic tools for DBS and intraEEG exploration procedures

Key Investigators

Project Description

To improve and update the Slicer plug-ins we have developed for pyDBS and EpiLOC toolboxes.


  1. PyDBS PostOperative Report Plug-in. pyDBS is use mostly to localize the electrodes implanted in some regions of the Basal Ganglia, to tune the stimulation with regard to the surrounded anatomy. We process a big amount of data coming from multicentric research projects and for clinicians. We provide to our users a quantitative and qualitative report but also a visual report for each subject processed, with some almost-standar views.
  2. EpiPlan slicer Plug-in. We have developed a prototype to help the neurologists and anatomists of our center to plan the surgical procedure to perform intracranial EEG exploration of certain epileptic patients. We want to enhance the plug-in by adding new features and making the graphical interface and user interface interactions more robust
  3. MrTrix Tracking on PyDBS.

Approach and Plan

  1. Get feedback from slicer team
  2. Get help for new features implementation
  3. Design of news GUIs and plug-ins architectures, adding a logic for the oldest ones

Progress and Next Steps

Development of our plug-ins :

Discussions about developments :

Discussions about dissemination of our modules:


PyDBS Intra Operative plug-in.

Epiloc PostOperative Visualization plug-in.

Epiloc last implant planning schema exported to ROSA planning workstation .

Background and References