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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Evaluation of proposed projects

Key Investigators

Project Description

Evaluation of projects: augmented reality system to be used in surgeries, software for orthognatic planning, simulator of bone sliding.

The Canary Islands Institute of Technology (ITC) (http://www.itccanarias.org/web/) is an applied research Institute belonging to the Regional Government of Canary Islands (Spain). The ITC is active in different research fields. In particular, the Biomedical Engineering Department focuses on 3D-printed, custom-made implants for bone loss reconstruction and regeneration.

Biomedical Engineering Department Workflow

During this workshop we plan to explore, together with the GTMA (Group of Medical Technology and Audiovisuals), the possibilities of 3DSlicer and its environment in three possible projects.



Assess the feasibility of the aforementioned projects.

Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps

SlicerCMF (CranioMaxiloFacial app) was preliminary evaluated, capabilities and examples look promising (Thanks JC!)

SlicerVR was considered. Our roadmap:


The following are real 3d-printed anatomical models - not renders - using “voxel printing”

Credit: C. Bader, D. Kolb, J. C. Weaver, S. Sharma, A. Hosny, J. Costa, N. Oxman, Making data matter: Voxel printing for the digital fabrication of data across scales and domains. Sci. Adv. 4, eaas8652 (30 May 2018).

Background and References