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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Slicer documentation on ReadTheDocs

Key Investigators

Project Description

We will continue the work initiated during the 27th Project Week.

Ultimately, all modules would have their documentation managed along side the Slicer source code. For example, see Segment Editor documentation.


  1. Streamline maintenance of Slicer user and developer documentation
  2. Ensure Slicer documentation updates are reviewed along side feature integration
  3. Document KitwareMedical/SlicerCustomAppTemplate
  4. Discuss strategy to manage translation files

Approach and Plan

  1. Finalize migration of Slicer user documentation from the wiki to ReadTheDocs. See https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/pull/686 and http://slicer.readthedocs.io
  2. Document process to install Qt5 and build Slicer using it
  3. Discuss and work on migration of developer documentation.
  4. Setup documentation of KitwareMedical/SlicerCustomAppTemplate on readthedocs
  5. Create sphinx-cmake python package. A sphinx documentation framework plugin enabling project to easily document their build system.

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References