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Chest Imaging Platform: Python 3 welcome and next release

Key Investigators

Project Description

New release of the Chest Imaging Platform (last one supporting Python 2!).

Chest Imaging Platform migration to Python 3.


  1. Release an updated version of the Chest Imaging Platform (probably the last one that will support Python 2)
  2. Slicer nightly/last release compatibility of the new release
  3. Migrate the whole platform to Python 3 and check for tests issues


Lung segmentation + DFV

Approach and Plan

  1. Code, build, test, cry
  2. Repeat until all tests are passing or we are out of tears

Progress and Next Steps

  1. After some work during the week, integration seems very reasonable, and not many issues have come up so far.
  2. The next release will be only Python2 compatible, but next one will support both versions

Background and References

The Chest Imaging Platform is an open source project that can run as an standalone and it is integrated in Slicer as part of the Slicer solutions. More info in https://chestimagingplatform.org