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3DSlicer Models for Serious Games

Key Investigators

Project Description

Designing scenarios for Serious Games from 3DSlicer models.

Serious games, are designed for a purpose other than pure entertainment. The M-ITI serious games projects -among others- are developed to exploit specific brain mechanisms that relate to functional recovery to approach motor and cognitive rehabilitation by means of non -invasive and low-cost technologies. M-ITI NeuroRehabLab. In the case of this project, M-ITI MACbioIDi collaborates with the ULPGC-IUIBS MACbioIDi in a joint work proposed for the areas of education, scientific and medical projects. The objective of this project is to create applications within the concept of Serious Game, by using scenarios developed in Unity -the cross platform game engine-. These scenarios will be using models of images imported from 3DSlicer.


  1. Understand the documentation involved in the import/export formats used.
  2. Choose the best approach to the solution.
  3. Create Unity scenarios to interact with the models.

Approach and Plan

  1. Tests abut how to import/export files and their formats.
  2. Study other scenarios previously implemented.
  3. Plan the development of new scenarios to create and standardize.

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Implementation of a prototype developed in unity using a 3DSlicer segmentation. PELVIS QUIZ.
  2. Study different interaction possibilities with the prototype.
  3. Plan the incremental approach to new scenarios with other game.


Pelvis Quiz.

Export / Import example.

Unity Scenario video examples.

Watch the video Watch the video

Background and References