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Harmonus IGT

Key Investigators

Project Description

Harmonus has developed Slicer extensions for MR guided prostate biopsy, supporting listening for incoming DICOMs, calibration of hardware to patient space, lesion targeting, and needle position confirmation. The project is a mixture of closed and open source modules and we wish to communicate with other open source Slicer modules in order to interoperate. This will be done via data transfer using OpenIGTLink.


  1. Define data of interest for sharing between modules.
  2. Add support to Harmonus modules to connect with other modules.
  3. Add support to Harmonus modules to send data of interest to other modules.

Approach and Plan

  1. Consult with developers of other IGT enabled modules to define data sharing opportunities, especially SliceTracker.
  2. Extend the current IGT support in the Harmonus software to also communicate with external modules.
  3. Encapsulate data for sharing via OpenIGTLink.
  4. Implement a helper function to listen for changes in data structures of interest and send them.

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References

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