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Uploading and Downloading a Scene from Slicer to Girder

Key Investigators

Project Description

This will be a mini-project to upload and download a scene from Slicer to a Girder instance using the Girder API.

As mgrauer will only be at project week Monday and Tuesday, this will have to start on those days.


  1. Provide an example of calling the Girder API from Slicer

Approach and Plan

  1. Use the Girder server created as an example for the project week
  2. Install girder-client package for Slicer Python
  3. Add a Slicer module that saves the scene and uploads the scene file to the Girder server

Progress and Next Steps

  1. girder-client is currently not part of Slicer’s Python, but can be installed, see this guide
  2. This module saves current Slicer scene and uploads it to the example Girder (ask API key from @mgrauer or install your own Girder)



Background and References