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Compressed Video Saving and Loading for Sequences

Key Investigators

Project Description

The Video streaming saving module Sequence. Video Streaming in Sequence

A 5 minutes HD video without compression will be around 10GB. VP9, H264, HEVC codecs are available for video compression and video streaming.


  1. Implement and test the saving and loading of compressed video files using the Sequences module.
  2. Should be able to:
    • Store video Sequences in memory using a compressed video format
    • Save video Sequences to files in a compressed video format
    • Load compressed video files into Sequences

Approach and Plan

  1. Test the currently implemented version.
  2. Fix bugs and implement features as necessary.
  3. Integrate these changes into the master branch of Sequences.

Progress and Next Steps

The work finished in the project week

Next steps


Background and References